The program, which began two years ago, racked up nearly 33,000 pounds of disposable waste that has been diverted from landfills and has instead been used as nutrient-rich organic material to help fertilize home and community gardens and parks.

“We continue to expand our efforts in sustainability for a more resilient future, and our composting program has proven to be an effective way to help our residents who may not have home gardens or other means to naturally get rid of food waste,” said Mayor Steven Fulop.  “The tens of thousands of pounds of food waste we’ve already collected has been diverted from the typical route to a local landfill, reducing greenhouse gases, and effectively enhancing our community gardens to help plants grow.”

According to the city, an electric bicycle will be used for food waste pickup, which can carry 200 pounds of composting per trip. Jersey City residents should register for the program by filling out the Curbside Composting form.

The also city partnered with community gardens and religious institutions to create easily accessible drop-off locations (up to eight), where food is collected weekly.

The program offers free/discounted backyard composting bins and workshops. To participate sign up here.

Just know that no registration is required. Residents can drop off their unwanted food scraps  on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at the  Brunswick Community Garden, Five Corners Library,  LCCS (Kensington entrance), City Hall, Congregation B’nai Jacob, Pop Up Jackson Hill, Riverview Farmers Market, or the Department of Public Works.

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